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Unformatted text preview: Unit 52: THE We can use the at the beginning of a noun phrase. The form of the never changes: it is the same for singular, plural and mass nouns. This unit tells you when to use it. 1 When we can understand which thing / person a From the situation: It was a terrible journey. The plane was very crowded. (The plane that I travelled on.) We had a lovely holiday. The weather was wonderful and so was the food. (The weather and the food on holiday.) When I got home, I went into the living room and turned on the TV. (The room and the TV in my house.) b Because it is well known: The government is increasing taxes again. 2 When we say which thing / person The stores in Manulife Place are rather expensive. I saw her on the Friday before last. It was the second time he had been there. The history of your country is very interesting. 3 Also a b With musical instruments: She plays the piano beautifully. With some proper nouns (Unit 48). The, or a / an / some / any, or nothing at all? (Unit 54.) NOTICE: ...
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