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Unit 55: THIS / THAT / THESE / THOSE You can use this or that or these or those at the beginning of a noun phrase (Whose is this green jacket?) or alone (Whose is this? Is this yours? This is terrible!). 1 Form SINGULAR: this girl that girl PLURAL: these girls those girls 2 Meaning HERE AND NOW (I have) THERE AND THEN (I don’t have) Maria, this is John. John, this is Maria. That’s John in the blue sweater. (Introducing.) This is a nice restaurant. Let’s go to that restaurant by the river. (In the restaurant now.) (We are at home.)
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Unformatted text preview: Can I change this sweater, please? Can I have a look at that red one in the window? It’s too small. How much are these? How much are those apples? (In my hand.) (Over there.) When is this rain going to stop? Do you remember that wonderful summer in 1996? (It is raining now.) These cakes are lovely. Look at those lovely cakes in the window. (We are eating them now.) I don’t like this book. I prefer that one we used last year. NOTICE: That ’s that ! = Everything is finished....
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