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unit59 - cars here Which one is yours Mine is the one on...

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Unit 59: ONE This unit shows you the different ways to use this word. There is also a plural pronoun, ones. 1 As a number a before of: One of my brothers has just gone to England. Can I have one of your cigarettes? b before a noun when you want to show the number clearly: There is only one way to learn English; you have to practice. I said one cup of coffee, not two. 2 As a pronoun a instead of a noun: I tried on three dresses . The nicest one was very expensive. There are four
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Unformatted text preview: cars here. Which one is yours? Mine is the one on the right. I don’t usually like bananas , but these ones are delicious. We have some good players , but the best ones always go and play in other countries. b instead of a noun phrase (Unit 45): He was going to make me a chicken sandwich , so I asked him to make one for me, too. People tell me I should get a car but I don’t want one . NOTICE: one is seldom used as a subject pronoun for people....
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