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Unit 73: HOW OFTEN? This unit shows you how to say how often with frequency adverbs (Unit 64 tells you about adverbs generally) and with noun phrases (Unit 45). 1 With frequency adverbs I always work late. I never go home early. I don’t ever go home early. I usually work late but I sometimes go home early. I often work late. I sometimes work late but I usually go home early. I never work late. I always go home early. I don’t ever work late. 2 With noun phrases I am learning English. The lesson is always on Monday.
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Unformatted text preview: I go to English lessons once a week. every Monday . I am learning French. The lessons are always on Tuesday and Thursday. I go to French lessons twice a week. every Tuesday and Thursday . I am learning Arabic. The lessons are on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. I go to Arabic lessons three times a week . NOTICE: These noun phrases go at the end of the sentence. ( NOT I go once a week to English lessons )....
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