unit84 - on the other hand go between the two ideas 2...

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Unit 84: OPPOSITE IDEAS Here are some ways to connect two ideas when you want to say that they are opposite to each other. 1 Contrast a Short statements I like fruit but I don’t like meat. I like fruit. I don’t like fruit drinks, though . b For longer statements, we can also use although, however and on the other hand: Although Einstein was a very clever man, he never passed any university exams. Living in the country is quiet and peaceful. However, it can also be very boring. Television has great educational possibilities. On the other hand, it can sometimes make people lazy. Although goes before the two ideas in one sentence. However and
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Unformatted text preview: on the other hand go between the two ideas. 2 Choice a ORDINARY CHOICE: Which do you want? The green one or the red one? b TO SHOW STRONGLY THAT YOU MEAN NOT BOTH: At my school, we learn either English or Spanish. c TO SHOW PREFERENCE: What would you rather do? Stay in or go out? I’ d rather stay in. d TO CONNECT LONGER IDEAS, WE CAN ALSO USE ON THE OTHER HAND: What do you want to do? It’s a beautiful day so we could go out for a walk. On the other hand, we could stay in and watch sports on TV. NOTICE: Would you like any tea or coffee? I want you to answer yes or no . Would you like tea or coffee? Answer tea or coffee ....
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unit84 - on the other hand go between the two ideas 2...

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