Hesiod - Hesiod The Muses 9 daughters of Zeus and Memory...

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Hesiod The Muses 9 daughters of Zeus and Memory The Three Graces Represent charm and grace If you follow the graces through history the pictures are always with one facing away from you and two facing forward. They are always nude or semi nude. Creation First there was Chaos (Yawn, Gape, Gap) – Nothingness Goddess After Chaos, we have Gaia (Earth) believed to be a flat disk There is also an anti-Earth beneath Earth called Tartarus. If you throw something of Gaia, it will hit the top of Tartarus in 9 days. Eros (Love) binds Gaia and Tartarus together. Eros is a young boy who is winged but not a baby like cupid o Erotes (plural of Eros) = Cupids = Putti Chaos gives birth to Erebos (darkness) and Night through parthenogenesis (virgin birth) o Night gives birth to Day and Aeither (brightness) Gaia gives birth to Uranus-Ouranos (sky), mountains, and Pontus (sea or floating) Gaia mates with Uranus and gives birth to 12 Titans out of 18 children o Kolos, Oceanus (swift) , Hyperion, Krios, Theia, Iapetos , Rhea , Themis , Phobe, Mnemosyne = zeus, Tethys , Kronos /Cronos o Ocean was believed to be a fresh water river surrounding the Earth because they had not traveled to the ocean yet. Pontus is the real sea while Ocean is a mythical water (not seen) o There are also 3 Cyclopes: Brontes (thunder), Steropies (lightning), Arges (flasher) o There are 3 Hecatoncheires (100 hands) Hecaton = 100, cheir = hand Castration of Uranus
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Uranus trying to have sex while Uranus is trying to give birth She gets Kronos to grab a scythe and cut off the sky god’s genitals
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Hesiod - Hesiod The Muses 9 daughters of Zeus and Memory...

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