XBRL Reader Assignment 2010

XBRL Reader Assignment 2010 - XBRL Reader Group Assignment...

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XBRL Reader Group Assignment 1. Visit the XBRL Web Site at www.XBRL.com . Click on WHAT IS XBRL, and read the page. Enter here the words that complete the following sentence. For example, company net profit has its  own unique tag 2. At the bottom of the page, click on How XBRL Works and read the resulting page. Note that, first, the XBRL specification provides the technical definition of how XBRL works. 3. What are XBRL taxonomies? Are the dictionaries which the language uses 4. Click on the link taxonomy for financial reporting to see financial reporting taxonomies that have been created for various different jurisdictions. 5. Users select an appropriate XBRL taxonomy for their reporting purposes; each is based, of course, on the current XBRL specification. Then they build an instance document that embeds tags from this XBRL taxonomy to encode the meaning of the financial items. Return to the How XBRL Works page and click on Click here to see a tiny example of such an instance document. Look at this example, and click on click here to see how an XBRL reader might display the financial information encoded in this instance document to a user. Then return to the instance document. What tag is used to signal to the reader the semantic information that a certain number means “inventories”? <ifrsgp:InventoriescontextRef=“Current AsOf”unitRef=“U-Euros”decimals =
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XBRL Reader Assignment 2010 - XBRL Reader Group Assignment...

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