M101A_W2010Midterm2 - MCDB 101A Midterm 2 Name_ Feb 17,...

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1 MCDB 101A Midterm 2 Name________________________________________ Feb 17, 2010 100 points total Perm#_______________________________________ Circle the correct choice for each of the following multiple choice questions (3 points each) 1. A mutation that changes the codon UUG to CUG is an example of a? a. Nonsense mutation b. Missense mutation c. Silent mutation d. Transition mutation e. Both c and d 2. A mutation within the Shine Delgarno sequence could result in which of the following? a. a truncated protein b. failure to initiate translation c. failure to initiate transcription d. failure to terminate transcription e. both b and d 3. Which protein is most similar in function to LacI? a. RecA b. CII c. CIII d. Cro e. N protein 4. Oxidative damage that generates 8-oxodG causes a. transition mutations b. transversion mutations c. both transition and transversion mutations d. deletions e. inversions 5. An “opal” suppressor (3’ACU 5’) is known to arise by mutation in a gene encoding a leu t-RNA. What would be the sequence of the template strand of the gene encoding the anticodon of this suppressor tRNA? a. 5’ TTA b. 5’ TCA c. 3’ UCA . d. 5’ AGU e. 5’ TGA 6. Shown below is a base pair that results from tautomerization. The bases are a. enol cytosine and keto adenine b. keto guanine and enol adenine c. imino thymine and enol cytosine d. amino cytosine and imino adenine e. pseudouracil and amino xanthine
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2 7. The presence of nucleotide repeats or exposure of DNA to intercalating agents is likely to generate a. apurinic sites b. nucleotide insertions/deletions c. frameshift mutations d. inversions e. both b and c 8. Genes A and B have mutation frequencies, respectively, of 1 X 10
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M101A_W2010Midterm2 - MCDB 101A Midterm 2 Name_ Feb 17,...

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