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Expository Writing 101, Section LH Instructor Sarah Goldfarb Lecture on Edward Tenner’s “Another Look Back, and a Look Ahead” Commodification, Confrontation, and Reality Themes: Commodification Maintenance Vigilance Stylistic strategies and thematic strategies of denial or confrontation Reality and how it relates to the opposite of “vigilance” Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of regression Decay, destruction Cultural changes Think about how Edward Tenner confronts the issues of commodification (how people turn into things through capitalism and technological innovation specifically), as well as the issue of reality, in his essay. You may look at his stylistic approaches – the tone of his words as well as the words themselves – to prove your point about reality and Tenner’s ultimate take on reality. What does Tenner mean when he questions “why disasters should lead to improvement, and improvement should paradoxically foster discontent” (709)? His essay clearly shows how we create our own discontent when we push too hard for improvement. How, though, specifically, does this happen? And why would we continue to try to “improve” if we only suffer more for it,
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Expository+Writing+101+Section+LH+Lecture+on+Tenner -...

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