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Instructor Sarah Goldfarb Expository Writing Section LH Assignment Five November 10 th , 2009 Readings: Edward Tenner, “Another Look Back, and a Look Ahead” Peter Singer and Jim Mason, “Meat and Milk Factories” As you read Edward Tenner’s essay, think about the issues of progress and regression that we have been discussing in class. Tenner proposes that as we progress technologically and industrially, we also have to suffer “revenge effects,” the negative effects of innovation. We can see these types of negative effects in the disasters and smaller-scale problems of innovation, such as traffic jams. However, Tenner also suggests that we self-correct these problems to a certain extent. But he does not seem entirely convinced that we can self-correct, or “collectively learn” (722), well enough to prevent backsliding. Throughout his essay, then, he does not seem to indicate that we can actually prevent regression, but he continues to argue for the prospect that we will ultimately not regress.
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