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Instructor Sarah Goldfarb Expository Writing Section LH Thought Questions for Assignment Five 1. Define “reality” as it appears in Peter Singer and Jim Mason’s essay. What is it about the factory farms which does not accurately represent the reality that we have to acknowledge, in terms of the state of “intensification,” Tenner’s phrase for the speeding up of innovation and production, that we have reached? 2. How can we apply the “overconfidence in the safety of a new design” (714), as defined by Edward Tenner, to the negative effects of the factory farm? 3. What is the fear of regression that the farmers in Singer and Mason’s essay keep implying they feel but do not want to think about when they turn away from acknowledging the manner in which they’re treating their animals? 4. How does the emphasis on progress, as exemplified in Singer and Mason’s essay, cause the
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Unformatted text preview: negative “revenge effects” which Tenner discusses throughout his essay? 5. Name some examples of “the single-minded overextension of a good thing” (727) in Singer and Mason’s essay. 6. How do both Tenner and Singer and Mason define the cultural change that could prevent further regression? 7. Explain the process by which people and animals are turned into things using the logic of Tenner’s argument, and his terms, applied to the emotional and economic effects described in Singer and Mason’s essay. 8. What types of constant “vigilance” (731) need to be exercised in both the Tenner and Singer and Mason essays, and what impact does this have on peoples’ abilities to know their own needs and to control their own impulses to compete and consume?...
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