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Instructor Sarah Goldfarb Expository Writing Section LH Assignment Three October 6 th , 2009 Reading: Beth Loffreda, “Selections From Losing Matt Shepard Christine Keneally, “You Have Gestures” Christine Keneally feels altruism is fundamental to the way we interact, as shown when she says, "humans are particularly cooperative in the way they communicate. Reciprocation is fundamental to the interactions of our species”(331). How can this be applied to Loffreda's views that “progress” towards understanding Matthew Shepard and other persecuted
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Unformatted text preview: people as people and not symbols involves a type of empathetic communication? And, is Loffreda concerned that responses to Matthew Shepard’s murder indicate a regression in terms of altruism as understood by Keneally, and if so, what kind of “willingness to listen,” as Keneally puts it ( ) is she proposing to repair this? Writing Goal: Analysis Minimum Page Requirement: 5 Pages Rough Draft Due: Tuesday, October 13 th Final Draft Due: Tuesday, October 20 th Format: 12-point Times New Roman font; double-spaced; one-inch margins....
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