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Final Exam, Expository Writing Section LH, to be given December 10 th , 2009 Readings: Charles Siebert, “An Elephant Crackup” And one or more of the following: Tim O’Brien, “How to Tell a True War Story” Peter Singer and Jim Mason, “Meat and Milk Factories” Edward Tenner, “Another Look Back, and a Look Ahead” I. Protocol for the final exam : - The exam will be administered on the last day of class. - It will be open-book. You must bring your own book with you, along with your notes written directly in, or on Post-It notes on, your book. You are not allowed to bring separate sheets of paper with your notes on them to the exam. - “Blue books” will be distributed in which you will be required to write your final exam. - You are required to write at least 4 pages in the blue book, or 8 pages back and front. - You are also required to include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement; two body paragraphs with a quote from each author you are working with in each paragraph; and a
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