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Instructor: Sarah Goldfarb Expository Writing 101: Section LH September 10 th , 2009 Guidelines for an Expository Writing Essay Introduction: - Begin with a general introductory statement, or “hook” - Cite the source essays (authors and titles) - Transition toward your thesis - State your thesis Body Paragraphs: - Begin with a topic sentence (which is like the thesis of the paragraph, and which relates to, supports, and furthers your overall thesis) - Include two quotations with analysis supporting the topic sentence (when you are writing an essay using two or more sources)
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Unformatted text preview: -State transition sentences between quotations explaining why another quotation is needed-Finish with a conclusion/transition sentence which connects to the next paragraph gesturing to why another paragraph is needed Conclusion:-Restate your thesis by explaining what your essay has accomplished-If necessary, can include the only prescriptive/exhortative language in the essay-Lay out questions that still remain, or areas of potentially useful inquiry for the future...
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