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Expository Writing 101, Section LH Instructor Sarah Goldfarb Lecture on Jon Krakauer’s “How to Tell a True War Story” Visual Imagery of Masculinity and Escape from Society Keep in mind the themes of: Masculinity and society Escape from society’s expectations may never be fully possible The alienation caused by trying to live up to society’s expectations of masculinity The visual images of nature’s violence as representing the impossibility of full escape into nature The visual images of how nature reflects society The visual images of man’s chaotic environment – chaos and destruction The visual images of a “drive” toward death Pay close attention to the introductory quotes on pg. 344. Look at the quote on pg. 347 about the Geophysical Institute. Keep this image in mind; and figure out what this image could symbolize in the greater context of the essay, once you finish the essay: “a tall glass-and-concrete building capped with a large satellite dish.” What does the concrete and glass symbolize, in terms of society’s “progress” and technological advances? Have these kinds of technological advances, and contemporary society in general, really helped Chris McCandless to feel at home with his own family and in civilized society, or have they led him to seek something else by going “into the wild”? In the quote on pg. 348, “To McCandless’s inexperienced eye […] transforming the river into a deep, violent torrent that bore no resemblance to the gentle brook he’d blithely waded across in April,” what do these adjectives symbolically indicate: “deep, violent torrent” vs. “gentle brook.” Nature cannot really be “violent” or “gentle” because cannot have intention; but Krakauer is trying to communicate something about society in these adjectives, and about McCandless’s journey away from society. He is not accusing McCandless of inexperience; rather, he is
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Expository+Writing+Lecture+on+Krakauer - Expository Writing...

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