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Instructor Sarah Goldfarb Expository Writing Section LH Tuesday, October 27 th , 2009 Better Paragraphs (in eight easy steps) 1. Topic Sentence: Prepare the reader for the “thesis” of your paragraph. Your topic sentence should be o an important idea or observation of your own that supports your Thesis Your topic sentence should NOT be o a statement of fact o a quotation o an idea you’ve taken from the reading(s) 2. Introduce the First Quotation: Prepare the reader for your first object of analysis. Your introduction should o offer a “set-up” for the quotation that lets the reader know what to look for in the quotation o suggest how the quotation will support the Topic Sentence Your introduction should NOT o simply mention where the quotation comes from o simply say “as so-and-so says/claims/argues/exhorts/pleads/etc.” 3. First Quotation: Provide the material for your analysis. Your quotation
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Expository+Writing+Paragraph+Worksheet+Paper+4+Section+LH -...

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