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Instructor: Sarah Goldfarb Expository Writing 101: Section LH September 15 th , 2009 Peer Review 1: Thesis Statements Peer Writer’s Name __________________________________________ Instructions to the Writer: Please save your peer review sheets and staple them to the final draft of your essay. Peer Reviewer’s Name _______________________________________ Instructions to the Reviewer: Please take this exercise seriously, and do your best to answer all the questions and to make specific comments for your peer writer. Try to provide the sort of comments you would like to see on your own paper. 1. Introduction: A) Can you identify the thesis statement in the Yes No introductory paragraph? B) Is the thesis statement the last line of the Yes No paragraph? If not, circle it. C) Is there a clear connection between the discussion of the essays and the thesis statement? Yes No D) Does the introductory paragraph discuss what the body paragraphs will be about and relate these topics to the thesis statement? Yes
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Expository+Writing+Peer+Review+1+Section+LH - Instructor...

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