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Instructor: Sarah Goldfarb Expository Writing 101 Section LH Thursday, October 22 nd , 2009 Post-Final Draft Review and Outline This exercise will help you to visualize what you have accomplished in your final draft, and point towards places to improve for the next paper. Please use a separate sheet of paper for this exercise and take the time to carefully consider your responses. 1. Thesis a. rewrite your thesis b. explain how you arrived at your thesis; describe what helped you formulate your position, or point to some difficulties you had or are continuing to have c. explain how your thesis responds to the assignment prompt d. briefly outline an alternative thesis, or a position that runs counter to your own or that considers the prompt from a different perspective e. explain how the reading develops your thesis f. explain why it is important for your thesis to be included in the critical discussion; think about the new ideas or solutions your thesis proposes, or the new connections your thesis draws between the reading and the prompt;
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Expository+Writing+Post-Draft+Outline - Instructor Sarah...

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