In Class Assignment week 5

In Class Assignment week 5 - In class assignment week #5:...

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In class assignment week #5: So in class today we learned about myths and were told how they came by, and why they were used, even in today's society they are still being used. A myth is basically a natural phenomenon or a childhood memory and the teller's/writer's, version of why that thing exists today. To write a myth you need the following: A natural phenomenon/memory Think of everything you know about it. (You don't necessarily have to do research) You need to know the senses that come with it (Sight, hearing, touch, smell, etc.) "What if?" We were given 20 minutes to write our own myth in class. This is what I came up with. Story: A long time ago, before man started to take down trees and disturb the natural order of things, a young wolf sat by a pond, wishing for a way to walk on water. He would sit there all day long, looking at a small island that stood visible in the middle of the large body of water. "I wish I could just walk out there to see what's on that island," he whispered each day, just before his mother would come to call him home for dinner. One night the little wolf was woken by a cool breeze blowing in his ear. When he opened his eyes, there was this beautiful woman floating in front of him. Her white hair was blowing in an invisible wind, along with her blue dress. "I heard your wish young one. Why do you wish to travel to the island?" The young pup tilted his head to the side. "To have a new adventure," was his response. "You won't do any harm?" she asked. The wolf shook his head. "Very well. I will grant your wish. I will allow you to travel for one day." And then she vanished.
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In Class Assignment week 5 - In class assignment week #5:...

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