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chap6_ho1_textstrings_soution - IT Department First Name...

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IT Department First Name Last Name User ID E-mail Address FRANK BAILEY Bailey.Frank [email protected] RENA BERKOWICZ Berkowicz.Rena [email protected] HEATHER BOND Bond.Heather [email protected] JEFF BOROW Borow.Jeff [email protected] ZEV BOROW Borow.Zev [email protected] ARIEL BOROW Borow.Ariel [email protected] LARRY BRAGG Bragg.Larry [email protected] HARRY BUNTING Bunting.Harry [email protected] JEFF COTTRELL Cottrell.Jeff [email protected] SARAH COULTER Coulter.Sarah [email protected] MARY COULTER Coulter.Mary [email protected] JASON CROSSWAY Crossway.Jason [email protected] KONSTANTINE DIAMOND Diamond.Konstantine [email protected] MATT EIDSON Eidson.Matt [email protected] RICHARD EVANS Evans.Richard [email protected] RICK FAIGIN Faigin.Rick [email protected] MATTHEW FALLON Fallon.Matthew [email protected]
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