A Everything to me - F#m D A E King over all the world A E...

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Everything to me Intro: A   E   F# D (x2) A       E Jesus Christ, King of Glory D A      E Lord of all we praise you F#m    D          A    E Forever your name will be praised F#m    D          A         E   Let Heaven and earth all raise A         E Jesus Christ, You're my savior D      A     E I will run after you F#m    D           A      E For you are the son of God and
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Unformatted text preview: F#m D A E King over all the world A E And I will never stop praising You F#m D for all the things you've done for me A E And I'll be yours forever F#m D E A E F# D Jesus you're everything to me Bridge A E Jesus you're everything to me F#m D Jesus you're everything to me...
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