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A Lord I come to you - The Power of Your love Words and...

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Unformatted text preview: The Power of Your love Words and Music by Geoff Bullock I. Lord I comctc Ymg— Ict null-mans bcchangcd, m-ncwci— flow-i113, fi'um the: 2.1md,1m-veil my arcs.— lct Inc secYcu face to fam— lhcknowl-cdgccf You I: E Flinn E Eacfi -- -- L“ ——‘ _ —_ "h‘ I-_ _-- .5 _ Lodfvcccmctc lmmlr— fllcwcak-nccs-cs I scc in mc— willbcsuippcda- Lord, nc-ncw my mind— as Ycurwill Int-folds in my fifc;-— In liv-ing cv — 'ry n E DIE cm. A EJG Ffimr E --"'__ _ _- -h-'--I—-__‘—-_l—-F way— he the pcw’r of Yarn: love. day— he d1: 11ch cf You: love. c Ffim E A Em? mg Em? A .-I=—_ -'--"I_‘-'—_ —- —'- —_-— — '— .I'n._:_l —.--_—- —— -l' H _f—-fl——— 'L.‘II' _—-m '— as 1 wait— I'll risc up Iikcfllc ca - glc. and I willsocarwifl'l ...
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