A This is the air i Breathe

A This is the air i Breathe - Chorus A E/G F#m C#m/E D E...

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Breathe(This is the air) Marie Barnett Verse 1: A             D/A   This is the air I breathe, A             D/A   This is the air I breathe, A      E/G#  F#m    C#m/E D          E   Your holy presence     living   in me. Verse 2: A            D/A   This is my daily bread, A            D/A   This is my daily bread, A      E/G# F#m C#m/E D          E   Your very Word     spoken   to me.
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Unformatted text preview: Chorus: A E/G# F#m C#m/E D E And I I'm desperate for You. A E/G# F#m C#m/E D Bm/F# E And I I'm lost without You. F#m Let it rain D Let it rain A E Open the floodgates of heaven...
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  • daily bread, m/e, m/E             D       Bm/F, holy presence     living, Marie Barnett

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