Anthro #1 - Homework assignment #1 Sun Young Jaen 1 Name:...

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Homework assignment #1 – Sun Young Jaen 1 Name: Sun Young Jaen Section: Anthropology 100, T/Th 9:35 am Name of Show: the Simpson s20e18 – father knows worst Date/Time Watched: 09 07 09 1:00 pm Summarize the plot of the show: Homer’s tongue became so sensitive that he couldn’t eat anything after eating a fire kebab. Lisa, his daughter, brought food that her father seemed to eat at her school cafeteria. Fortunately, the food was as bland as he could eat. When he went to the cafeteria to eat lunch, he met Noah’s mother who was one of helicopter parents. He decided to become one of helicopter parents to make his children’s future. Homer helped Bart decide a model in his class and built the model beside his son. Also, he bought a book and opened a party for Lisa’s making to make friends. He was satisfied to help Bart and Lisa. However, Bart confessed that his father made the model instead of himself even though he won at the contest. Lisa, also, gave up making friends because she was very hard keeping the shallow relationships with her friends. Homer realized that he didn’t need to involve in his children’s lives. Describe depictions of the societal Superstructure: Parents involve in some of their children’s lives, and think that their help makes their children be better. However, children don’t agree that parents involve in many of their lives. Noah’s mother thought parents make their child’s life, so she followed her child even to school.
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Anthro #1 - Homework assignment #1 Sun Young Jaen 1 Name:...

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