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Anthro writing - eat = plural form of the verb'eat 7 Stay consistent with your tenses For example Correct Homer allowed Lisa to finally express who

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1. Proofread your papers. Do not just run a spell-check but re-read your assignments for errors. 2. Write in complete sentences. 3. Do not end sentences with a preposition, pronouns, or the "be" verb. 4. Use college level vocabulary. 5. Follow the directions. If the question is to "describe," make sure you describe. If the question is to "list," it is appropriate to make only a list. 6. Check the use of subject-verb agreement. Use singular verbs for singular subjects and plural verbs for plural subjects. For example: Homer waits for his children after school. (Homer = single; waits - singular form of the verb 'wait.') Bart and Lisa eat together in the cafeteria. (Bart and Lisa = compound subject or plural subject;
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Unformatted text preview: eat = plural form of the verb 'eat.') 7. Stay consistent with your tenses. For example: Correct: Homer allowed Lisa to finally express who she is meant to be. Incorrect: Homer allowed Lisa to finally express who she was meant to be. (remember, not to end in the be verb - this is a descriptive use of "be.") 8. Use proper spacing between sentences and paragraphs. APA style requires two spaces after a period. 9. Use enough description in your responses to show that you understand the material. If you're having trouble with the material, please feel free to ask. 10. Avoid run-on sentences. 11. Always use Times New Roman, 12 Point font, typed, and stapled to turn in....
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