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Cultural Anthropology Study Guide Ex 1

Cultural Anthropology Study Guide Ex 1 - Cultural...

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Cultural Anthropology Study Guide Exam 1 1. Margaret Mead, Franz Boas, Richard Leaky, Benedict, Malinowski, Don Johanson, Edward Sapir, Mary Leaky (discovered Leotoli footprints…which confirmed bipedalism among Australopithecus.) 2. 4 fields of anthropology and subfields of biological anthro; biological anthropology 3. Ethnology vs ethnography vs ethnohistory 4. Characteristics of culture 5. Culture-bound, ethnocentrism, cultural relativity 6. Define applied anthropology, urgent anthropology, advocate anthropology 7. Enculturation - define 8. Functions of culture – What are they? Why is culture so crucial to our survival? 9. Barrel Model of culture- know the parts and define and give examples 10. Globalization – define and driving forces 11. Quantitative vs qualitative data 12. Participant Observation/Fieldwork 13. Challenges of Anthropological Fieldwork 14. The purpose of anthropological study/uses for data (to build a theoretical framework to explain behavior) 15. Define cultural relativism – understand the concept of how this is applied; what is ethnocentrism?
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