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1 Running head: Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography for Vietnamese Refugee’s family Sun Young Jaen Student Orange Coast College Author Note This paper is being submitted to David. Annotated bibliography for Reading and Writing for the Vietnamese Refugee’s family, , on October 27, 2009.
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2 Vietnamese typically thinks that the family is the most important of all social units. One of the basic virtues about family is “Hieu,” which refers to duties that children must keep their parents. Vietnamese thinks that children have to repay their debt from their parents. Grandparents and parents primarily teach their children this obligation when their children were very young ago, and schools and other institutions teach it also at second. Vietnamese society was traditionally the village which consisted to kin and family because of many invasions. Every member of the village has to contribute to the well-being of entire family. An individual who achieves fame at the espense of the family is discouraged and even
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Anthropology Annotated Biography - 1 Running head:...

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