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Scientific Method Quiz Answer Key De Anza Bio 10 DL Winter 2011 1) I’ve observed that on-line Biology students seem to be more attentive, understand material more thoroughly and perform better in Biology courses. 2) My hypothesis is that on-line Biology students are stronger and more capable students than on-campus students 3) My experimental procedure is to take a random group of students from the same class taught on-line and on-campus and give them the same exam to test which group will
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Unformatted text preview: score better on the exam. 4) My dependent variable will be the average exam score 5) My independent variable is the type of student (i.e. whether the students are on-line or on-campus students) 6) Some control variables are: The number of students selected from each group, the same exam given to both groups, the same amount of time given to each group to finish the exam, etc....
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