HW 3 HR BAD 374 P104 (6-10) - 1 BAD 374-001 H.W. p 140...

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1 BAD 374-001 H.W. p 140 (6-10) 01-20-10 6. What is the role of human resource personnel in the human resource planning process? A. HRP must be derived from the long-term operational plans of the organization B. Strategic planning seeks to identify various factors critical to the success of the organization C. The planning process should provide a(n) 1. Explicit statement of assumptions 2. Clear statement of the organization's mission 3. Commitment of staff members to the mission 4. Plan of action D. The strategic linkage requires a close relationship between line managers and HR E. HR fulfill a consultative role F. Commitment from top management is crucial 7. What is an HRIS? A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a database system that contains all relevant human resource information and provides facilities for maintaining and accessing these data. 8. What are the three major functional components of an HRIS? Increased human resource requirements, government regulations, and expanded personal
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HW 3 HR BAD 374 P104 (6-10) - 1 BAD 374-001 H.W. p 140...

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