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HW 4 HR BAD 374 P121 1-8 - 1 BAD 374-001 H.W p 121(1-8 1...

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1 BAD 374-001 H.W. p 121 (1-8) 01-25-10 1. What is recruitment? Recruitment involves seeking and attracting a pool of people from which quali ed candidates for job vacancies can be chosen. fi 2. Describe the relationships among job analysis, personnel planning, recruitment, and selection. Job analysis gives the nature and requirements of speci c jobs. fi Human resource planning determines the speci c number of jobs to be lled. fi fi Recruitment provides a pool of quali ed people to ll the vacancies. fi fi 3. What is a personnel requisition form? The personnel requisition form describes the reason for the need to hire a new person and the requirements of the job. Organizations use this form to request a human resource manager to fill a certain position. 4. Describe several advantages of recruiting from internal sources and several advantages of recruiting from external sources. I. Sources of qualified personnel A. Internal sources 1. Advantages of recruiting from within: a. Strengths and weaknesses of employees are known: can start your own skills inventory Work Cited: (Byars, Lloyd. Human Resource Management, 9th Edition. McGraw- Hill/Irwin/CourseSmart, 12/31/2007.
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2 b. Prior performance evaluations (with accurate/reliable data) are available: can also interview some present/prior managers c. Impact on employee morale: may create opportunities and/or prevent layoffs (plus, consider the opposite) d.
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