HW 12 HR 316 (2,7,13) - 1 BAD 374-001 H.W p 316(2 7 13 2...

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1 BAD 374-001 H.W. p 316 (2, 7, 13) 03-19-10 2. Briefly explain how unemployment compensation works. 1. Available to former employees who have been made jobless counter to their  intentions  2. Qualified applicants must continue to actively seek re-employment 7. State the overriding purpose of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Congress passed ERISA in 1974 in an effort to ensure the fair treatment of employees under pension plans. The law was designed to ensure the solvency of pension plans by restricting the types of investments that can be made with the plan’s funds and pro- viding general guidelines for fund managers. The overall impact of the Retirement Equity Act, which was passed in 1984, was to liberalize the eligibility requirements, vesting provisions, maternity/paternity leaves, and spouse survivor beneFts of retirement plans. 13. What is the flexible approach to beneFts? List the advantages and disadvantages of flexible plans. I. Employee preferences among benefits: Flexible-benefit plans may result in the following pros 
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HW 12 HR 316 (2,7,13) - 1 BAD 374-001 H.W p 316(2 7 13 2...

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