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Cole Gregurek 1 Violence and Video Games In the past and present there seems to be a gap that exists between how the public views video games and what research is actually showing us. Violent video games have been blamed for violence towards women, bullying, school shootings, and other violent criminal behavior. I personally believe that this is not true. They are no more violent then films, music, or even books. The majority of the research I have read seems flawed showing no actual relationship between video games and social violence. Instead I think it reduces the amount of violence by creating a safe passage for aggressive and angry feelings. As video game popularity has increased and the sale of video games in the United States, there has been a large decrease in juvenile crimes. Not to mention the arrest rate for juvenile violent crimes has declined within that same period the video game sales quadrupled According to the "Crime in the United States, 2008," FBI website, Sep. 2009. I believe it’s because younger adults have something to do in their spare time rather than create an act of crime. Based on a report by the U.S. Surgeons General 2001, the factors that contributed most to shootings in schools, centered on the quality of home life, and mental stability in an individual
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3pageessayOCT11[1] - Cole Gregurek 1 Violence and Video...

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