Practice_key - 1 1 If the following statements are True...

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1 1.) If the following statements are True, place a T in the line before the statement. If False, place an F. T ± G = ± H T ± S is an equation that describes the second law of thermodynamics under constant T and P . F In an ice/water mixture at 0°C, G ice = G water . F Entropy of water increases when you add a hydrophobic molecule. T Increasing pressure on condensed matter always increases its Gibbs Energy. T In a P vs T phase diagram a quadruple point (four phases existing simultaneously) can exist for a 2-component system. F Water freezes spontaneously at -5°C, therefore ± S sys is positive. 2. Refer to the following reaction coordinate diagram for the questions below. Place answers in box next to questions. Give answers in nearest kJ/mol. What is ± r G for A ± B What is the transition state energy for A ± B If this graph represented an uncatalyzed reaction, calculate the ± r G for an enzyme- catalyzed reaction of A ± B +10 +25 +10 Free Energy (kJ/mol) Reaction Coordinate A B 10 20 30 40
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2 For questions 3 - 5, circle the correct answer. 3. The molar heat of vaporization of ethanol is 39.3 kJ·mol -1 , and the boiling point is 78.3°C. What is the ± vap S for the vaporization of 0.5 mole of ethanol? a.) 0.50 J·K -1 b.) 0 J·K -1 (Because isothermal) c.) 112 J·K -1 d.) 56 J·K -1 e.) 502 J·K -1 4. Which of the following quantities can have a value of zero in the standard state?
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Practice_key - 1 1 If the following statements are True...

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