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Intro to Drama 1310 Chapter 3 Study Guide

Intro to Drama 1310 Chapter 3 Study Guide - Chapter 3 Study...

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Chapter 3 Study Guide blackface Black makeup used by white performers playing black characters, as in minstrel shows. cross-cultural theatre Theatre that joins contrasting ideas—whether staging techniques or myths and rituals—from diverse cultures into a single work in order to find parallels between cultures and promote cultural pluralism. culture The values, standards, and patterns of behavior of a particular group of people expressed in customs, language, rituals, history, religion, social and political institutions, and art and entertainment. enculturation The process by which we learn about our culture. ethnocentrism The practice of using one’s own culture as the standard for judging other cultures. Harlem Renaissance An African American literary, artistic, and musical movement during the 1920s and 1930s centered in the Harlem neighborhood in New York City. minstrel show Stage entertainment consisting of songs, dances, and comic scenes performed by white actors in blackface makeup; originated in the nineteenth century.
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