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Examining Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Online Content 1. If you knew someone bought a term paper, would you turn them in? 140 character max I would turn them in anonymously because what they are doing is wrong, unethical, and it will eventually hurt them in the long run. 2. How do you view the expanding role of blogs in reporting current news? 140 character max I view it as good because it easier and faster way to access current news but blogs should have a disclaimer in case it's not correct info. 3. Do you think bloggers should give the news media a little respect and just follow and comment on the news, instead of break it? 140 character max No, I believe they should break it, because this allows important or detrimental information to get to people faster and this could help someone. Academic Integrity, Responsible Blogging Essay 300-700 max The main ethical issues on college campuses today are plagiarism, cheating and copyright infringement. The internet enables unethical students to do what they were always going to do -
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Unformatted text preview: cheat, plagiarize, infringe on copyrights - easier and faster. This is where academic integrity comes in. Academic integrity governs the way in which someone research and write while at University. This establishes a code of ethics that clearly defines what is acceptable behavior and taking disciplinary action against those that break the code. This prevents students not to plagiarize, cheat or infringe on copyrights and this leads to the discouragement of unethical behavior. Academic integrity can lead to responsible blogging by many people. Responsible blogging is important because many blogging sites are plagiarized, misleading, falsely written. People who blog, have to be smart and check the facts. Blogging should not be copied work. They should have the responsibility to never disguise facts or misinform reader. To be a responsible blogger one should respect copyright laws and when using information from another source give that source credit....
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