Common Orthodontic Problems

Common Orthodontic Problems - of the front teeth. iii....

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ARUMUGAM SHANTHINI GROUP 1 Common Orthodontic Problems All orthodontic conditions are as unique and varied as the patients involved, but there are some problems seen more frequently than others. These, too, vary with the patient base. Genetics are one of the leading factors. A child may be born with a disproportionate jaw. There are also acquired factors, such as thumb sucking and trauma. Some of the more common orthodontic conditions in children and adults and the complications they can cause include: i. Crowded Teeth - Unattractive, difficult to clean, bone damage and gum recession. ii. Underbite (lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth) - Unattractive and uneven wear
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Unformatted text preview: of the front teeth. iii. Deepbite (upper front teeth cover the lower teeth) - Excessive wear of the front teeth and gum and bone damage behind the upper front teeth. iv. Openbite (upper and lower teeth don't meet in front) - Eating problems, speech problems, and excessive wear of those teeth which do meet; unattractive. v. Crossbite (upper jaw is too narrow, so lower jaw swings to one side to allow the teeth to mesh) - Biting and chewing difficulties. vi. Spacing (missing teeth or wide dental arch and small teeth) - Unattractive and allows teeth to shift out of position. vii. Overjet (protruded front teeth) - Unattractive and prone to damage....
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