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Mic 330 HW_1_Rates_HepAHepB-1

Mic 330 HW_1_Rates_HepAHepB-1 - ARUMUGAM SHANTHINI GROUP 1...

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ARUMUGAM SHANTHINI GROUP 1 Mic 330 Home Work Assignment Use any source including the internet to look up the following rates for the whole US in 2008 and/or 2007 and/or 2006 . Provide answers to the following questions and substantiate your answers with reason(s). If you cannot find a particular rate, just write down “not known”. Consult with other team mates before putting down “not known”. ( Remember from your lecture, rates are dependent on many variables such as population, time, place, age and sex . If you cannot find the rates pertaining to the country of US in 2008, try to find whatever the most recent year is available. If you still cannot find it yourself, talk to your team mates before putting down “not know” to avoid losing points . Then interpret whatever data you have obtained. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rate Hepatitis A Hepatitis B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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