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ARUMUGAM SHANTHINI GROUP 1 Homework Assignment _Prevalence rates Mic 330 1) Search the internet or other references and report 5 most prevalent diseases in a) California—1. Diabetes 2. Cancer 3. Heart Disease 4. Arthritis 5. Stroke b) USA—1. Heart disease 2. Cancer 3. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 4. Lower respiratory disease 5. Diabetes c) World—1. Malaria 2. TB (Tuberculosis) 3. Common Cold 4. Cancer 5. Diabetes 2) Comments on your findings ( anything that comes into your mind about the data you have collected). What are the limitations associated with the data that you have collected. Limit to one page. Are the data the same for all three
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Unformatted text preview: ARUMUGAM SHANTHINI GROUP 1 different places mentioned above? If not, why not? What can contribute to the differences? A lot of these diseases can be prevented: with maintaining healthy bodies, eating healthy, vaccinations and/or preventive measures, early detection, and proper health care. A few diseases are found throughout all three: Cancer and Diabetes. Both which the rates could possibly lowered with early detection and proper health care. The first two diseases in the world are not found in the United States mainly because of preventive measures....
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