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summary labreport exp 1

summary labreport exp 1 - pka’s and molecular weight with...

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Summary: Based from the graph of unknown amino titration and the results that occur from pka’s calculation and molecular weight calculation as well, the unknown amino acid that match with the calculation and graph is Tyrosine. The pka’s value that been obtained from the graph is 2.22, 6.25 and 10.15 and the molecular weight obtained from the calculation is 152.43 g/mole. When using value determined from the experiment versus the theoretical value, the value observed was the closest values of
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Unformatted text preview: pka’s and molecular weight with Tyrosine, which has the value of pka’s 2.20,9.11 and 10.07 with molecular weight of 181 g/mole. Table results for Glycine : Glycine Molecular weight (g/mole) pKa 1 pKa 2 Theoretical Value 75 2.34 9.60 Experiment value 66.67 2.67 9.85 Table results for Tyrosine: Tyrosine Molecular weight (g/mole) pKa 1 pKa 2 pKa 3 Theoretical Value 181 2.20 9.11 10.07 Experiment Value 152.43 2.22 6.25 10.15...
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