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research paper pls

research paper pls - 1 This paper will focus on budget...

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1 This paper will focus on budget issue on two California State Program which are Higher Education and Correction and Rehabilitation that our state is currently facing. This paper will focus on six major issues related to the topic. First, we will look the overview of the budget. Second, we will look at the target groups and its impact. Third, I will examine the types of action taken, either through State Executive, Legislative and Judical Branches to alleviate the issue. Forth, I will observe the possible solution based on the issue. Fifth, I will examine the rationale and the intentions and finally I will discuss about myself awareness when I wrote this paper. The 2010-11 Budget Bill approved by the state Legislature and signed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on 8 October 2010, 100 days to the beginning of the fiscal year. It includes an assumption of $5.3 billion in federal funds, $18.3 billion in budget "solutions" including $7.5 billion of cuts, $2.5 billion of revenue and the rest in fund shifts and other adjustments. Higher education in California is a large and important part of the state of California, which is 14.1% portion of the state budget provided funds of $ 12,620,743 billion. Higher Education Agency comprised of ten departments which are Postsecondary Education Commission, University of California, Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Hastings College of the Law, California State University, Board of Governors of Community Colleges, General Obligation Bonds-Hi Ed-CC, Retirement Costs-Hi Ed-CC, Student Aid Commission and General Obligation Bonds-Hi Ed. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) are liable for the operation of the California state rehabilitation, corrections, parole and probation systems. 1
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2 The CDCR is law enforcement’s the second largest in the United State and is part of 9.5% of the state budget provided funding of $ 8,980,291 billion. CDCR Agency comprised of three departments which are Corrections and Rehabilitation, Federal Immigration Funding- Incarcerate and General Obligation Bonds-DCR. We can see a relationship between California higher education crisis and California prison crisis in the budget passed by the Legislature last month. As part of the Legislature's approval of the state budget, the state is cutting $1.1 billion from the corrections system. To be more detailed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger cut $820 million from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for prison health care. A definite con for cutting nearly half the budget is an unlikely guarantee of basic, harms those already suffering in already deplorable conditions and humane service provision. Now on the pro would actually benefit the people of California because of the reduction in prison spending.
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research paper pls - 1 This paper will focus on budget...

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