yaac - w#include %token AND%token OR%token...

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%{ #include <stdio.h> %} %token AND %token OR %token LP %token RP %token EQUAL %token NOT_EQUAL %token SEMI_COLON %token DOUBLE_QUOTE %token DOUBLE_DOT %token BLANK %token SINGLE_QUOTE %token DIVIDE %token MULTIPLY %token NEWLINE %token COMMENT_START %token COMMENT_END %token DOT %token COMMA %token LESS_THAN %token GREATER_THAN %token LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL %token GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL %token INCREMENT %token DECREMENT %token LEFT_SQUARE_BRACKET %token RIGHT_SQUARE_BRACKET %token LEFT_CURLY_BRACKET %token RIGHT_CURLY_BRACKET %token ASSIGN %token DOUBLE %token LETTER %token VARIABLE %token STRING %token INTEGER %token DIGIT %token PLUS %token MINUS %token UNARY %token POSITIVE_INTEGER %token NEGATIVE_INTEGER %token START %token END %token DO %token IF %token FOR %token WHILE %token THEN %token ELSE %token READ %token MOVEFORWARD %token MOVEBACK %token TURNRIGHT %token TURNLEFT %token SENDDATA %token RECEIVEDATA %token GRAB
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%token RELEASE %token CONQUER %token FLY %token LAND %token FLOAT %% array
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This note was uploaded on 02/19/2011 for the course CS 315 taught by Professor Ugur during the Fall '10 term at Bilkent University.

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yaac - w#include %token AND%token OR%token...

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