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Please write your name only in the last page . CS 319 Final , Fall 2009, CS Dept., Bilkent University Page 1 of 6 Fall 2009 Final Exam Sample Solutions CS 319 Object-Oriented Software Engineering Instructors: Kıvanç Dinçer , Uğur Doğrusöz, Markus Schaal, and Bedir Tekinerdoğan Reminders Time: 120 minutes (2 Hours) Write your name and sign only in the last page as indicated. Show your work and reasoning clearly and write legibly, only within the space provided for each question. Feel free to use the scratch sheets provided; do not detach them. For diagrams and programs, clarity is important; if your diagrams or programs are sloppy and hard to read, you will lose points. Correct syntax also makes some difference. From the time you receive your exam script, you will have 30 minutes to read all questions and make sure you understand what is expected from you. During this time you may ask your instructor any questions should you require any clarification. After that you may not seek any type of feedback from the instructor. Please stay seated if you finish during the last 10 minutes of the exam period. Question 1: Fill in the blanks [15 pts] Fill in the blanks below, with a word or more per blank, to form valid statements. When provided with options, choose one and cross others. a) Use Cases are used for the modeling of functional requirements. b) In terms of object-oriented programming, the use of polymorphism means that a client class does not need to be aware of the particular subclass that actually implements the method used. c) Design Patterns were made popular by the Gang of Four (GoF). d) UML Activity Diagrams are the most useful for business modeling of a human organization or workflow of a system. e) During system design, developers define the design goals of the project. They identify the qualities that the system to be designed should focus on. Many of them can be inferred from the nonfunctional requirements or from the application domain. Others will have to be elicited from the client. f) During System Design, design goals are addressed by deciding about hardware/software mapping, persistency management, access control, and boundary conditions, to name a few aspects.
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finalsol09 - 04-07-2007 BILKENT UNIVERSITY Department of...

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