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hw2 - Assignment 2 CIS 252 Intro to Computer Science...

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Assignment 2 CIS 252 — Intro to Computer Science Coverage & Logistics This homework covers material through the first three chapters of Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming (HCFP). This homework is officially due in class on Thursday, February 3 . However, it comes with an automatic extension: anything submitted to the bin in CST 3-210 by 1pm on Friday, February 4 will be accepted as being on time. You may work singly or in pairs on this assignment. Exercises Important: For each exercise, you are expected to come up with a good set of test cases to verify that your code works correctly. An important component of programming (and of problem solving in general) is coming up with useful tests to check all aspects of your solution. Specifically: Part of your grade will be based on your inclusion of sufficient test cases. Simply running my examples is insufficient: you must include test cases of your own creation.
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