hw4 - Homework 4 CIS 252 (Spring 2011) Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework 4 CIS 252 (Spring 2011) Introduction to Computer Science Coverage This assignment covers material through Chapter 4 of Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming . Logistics This homework is officially due in class by Thursday, February 17 . However, it comes with an automatic extension: anything submitted by 1pm on Friday, February 18 will be accepted as being on time. You may work singly or in pairs on this assignment. What to turn in For each of the problems, provide: (i) a contract, (ii) a purpose statement, (iii) examples, (iv) the definition, and (v) tests. The grade for each problem will based on the standard homework grading criteria, see: http://www.cis. syr.edu/courses/cis252/info/hw-policy.html#crit:hw . IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: You do not need to include examples or test cases in your code for Exercises 1 and 2 (i.e., the picture problems), because theyd be way too big. Instead, simply write See the Homework 4 write-up for examples in the EXAMPLES part of your comments. Turn in a hard copy of your source code and a transcript demonstrating convinc- ingly that your code is correct. Also submit your code electronically . Exercises You may use any code from lecture that you wish: in fact, we encourage you to do so . However, you should include a note in your comments indicating that you are doing so and specifying which functions you are reusing....
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hw4 - Homework 4 CIS 252 (Spring 2011) Introduction to...

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