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920-205 exam 1 q's SarahBenton

920-205 exam 1 q's SarahBenton - b the theory that...

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Sarah Benton MassComm 205 Exam 1 Questions 2/15/11 1. What is a modality in relation to media? a. an institution that produces and disseminates media b. the channel, sense, visual, tactile, aural and mixed sense experiences through which a particular media operates c. patents, copyrights, photocopying, etc d. how the products of media technologies and organizations are structured 2. What is the theory of mass society? a. the rate at which technology has changed b. nature and social lives, including social interaction, which were altered for the worse throughout time c. irrelevance of anything outside the box d. changing structure and nature of social realities 3. What is magic bullet theory? a. the idea that a single bullet fired at JFK also hit the man in front of him
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Unformatted text preview: b. the theory that information is “fired” directly into the viewer from the producer c. the theory that communications are growing so fast that no one can control them d. the theory that gun violence in our nation has a huge impact on media 4. Journalists’ roles include: a. Old and New b. Traditional and New Media c. Old world and New World d. Pre-internet and Post-internet 5. Seminology deals with: a. The dissemination of information b. The semi-corrupt state of media c. The meaning of a particular message d. The study of major seminal, or determining moments in media...
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