2009 B-1 Class Notes

2009 B-1 Class Notes - Becker CPA Review Business 1 Class...

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Becker CPA Review – Business 1 Class Notes 1 © 2009 DeVry/Becker Educational Development Corp. All rights reserved. BUSINESS 1 CLASS NOTES Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) is a 2 ½ -hour exam consisting of three multiple choice testlets of 30 (or so) questions each. There are five major content areas on BEC : 1. Business Structure (BEC1) 17%-23% of points (covered in this outline) 2. Economic Concepts (BEC 2) 8%-12% of points 3. Financial Management (BEC 3) 17%-23% of points 4. Information Technology (BEC 4) 22%-28% of points 5. Planning and Measurement - Cost/Managerial Accounting (BEC 5) 22%-28% of points Business Structure is the topic of BEC 1. The CPA exam Content Specification Outline assigns a range of 17%-23% of points to the area broken down as follows: Advantages, implications and constraints of legal structures, Formation, operation and termination of business, Financial structure, capitalization, profit and loss allocations, and distributions, and Rights, duties, legal obligations, and authority of owners and management. I. SOLE PROPRIETORSHIPS - NOT A SEPARATE LEGAL ENTITY A. Unlimited liability of the single owner and the difficulty of obtaining financing for growth B. Sole proprietorship profits or losses flow through to the individual owner's Form 1040 on a Schedule C. A sole proprietorship is not considered a separate legal entity from the owner. II.
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2009 B-1 Class Notes - Becker CPA Review Business 1 Class...

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