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PHY 392S PHYSICS OF CLIMATE Spring Term, 2011 GENERAL INFORMATION LECTURER: Prof. Kimberly Strong Office: McLennan Physics Laboratory 710A Telephone: 416-946-3217, Fax: 416-978-8905 Email: [email protected] WWW: TEACHING Zhe Jiang ASSISTANT: Office: McLennan Physics Laboratory 619A Telephone: 416-978-2706, Email: [email protected] LECTURES: 2:10 – 3:00 PM, Mondays and Wednesdays, Room MP137 OFFICE HOURS: 3:00 – 4:00 PM Wednesdays, Room MP710A Also, feel free to drop by or make an appointment. HOMEWORK: There will be 4 problem sets. They will be due, in class, two weeks after they are assigned. There will be a late penalty of 5% per day, up to 7 days, after which material will not be accepted. MARKING: 40% Problem sets (will hand out on January 24, February 14, March 7, March 23; due in class February 7, February 28, March 21, April 6)
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Unformatted text preview: 20% Mid-term test (in class Wednesday, March 2) 40% Final exam HOMEPAGE: Lectures and supplementary material will be posted on the course homepage. TEXTBOOKS: Required Text: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics , John Marshall and R. Alan Plumb, Academic Press, 2008. Additional Reference Books: Introduction to Atmospheric Physics , David G. Andrews, Cambridge University Press, 2000. Atmospheric Science, An Introductory Survey , John M. Wallace and Peter V. Hobbs, Academic Press, 2006. OUTLINE: Topics covered (not necessarily in order presented) Global energy balance Radiative transfer The vertical structure of the atmosphere Convection The meridional structure of the atmosphere The general circulation of the atmosphere The ocean and its circulation Climate variability...
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