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POLS 206-508 R 11/1 I. Representation in Theory II. Comparative perspective III. How representative is Congress? I. Representation in Theory Distinction: congressmen have political power, we only have an indirect role in politics Madison-founding fathers agreed about representation (not to be taken lightly) How do you ensure that your representative has your interests at heart? Representation was a basic idea that was explained more than anything else in the Constitution *House was the directly elected part, and the Senate was indirectly elected II. Comparative perspective A. Possibility of divided government: most of history we had a president and Congress of the same party but now it is more common to see it divided
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Unformatted text preview: Abnormal to other countries Executive can’t be divided (England, Germany) because prime minister comes out of the legislative branch B. Very frequent elections British cannot go more than 5 years without an election Parliaments originally were created to give people a sense of representation to appease us; the idea was to somehow limit the monarch Parliaments didn’t have much actual political power C. Both houses have significant political power Some countries are unicameral III. How Representative is congress? Is congress like us? In religion maybe, not in age, education, or income...
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