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Tutorial 3: Single Side Band BENT 3113: Communication Principles Discuss Title: Group Title 3 Single Side Band System 4 Comparison of SSB to conventional AM 5 SSB Generation 6 SSB Transmitter 1 SSB Receiver 2 FDM Note: 1. every group present their discussion result 2. two students of each group will present (rolling every tutorial) 3. two questions is asked from out of the group (represent from second and third
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Unformatted text preview: group of present group) 4. those four student stand in front of the class 5. present in 10 to 13 slides ppt in 10 minutes 6. the structure of slide should have: a. definition b. short explanation (word) c. equation d. formula e. calculation example f. flow chart g. table, figure, block diagram, graph, curve h. advantage disadvantage...
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