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Booze and Books analysis - Booze and Books: Use Your Brain...

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Booze and Books: Use Your Brain Alex Petrova, Junior at Buena Vista University, California High school students always look forward to the college life and surroundings. Most cannot wait until they are free from their parents and free to do whatever they want. However, there are many incoming freshmen attending Buena Vista University, who are afraid of what to expect . Talking from my own personal experiences, college is coming easy to me so far. Although from talking with other students, life is tough for them. As I have talked to other students, I've found the problem is not so much the school work, but the social life: either these people feel like partying is more important than school, or they feel shy and want to fit in and make friends. Many feel drinking may solve their problems because it may help them associate with others easier. Either way, this is where the drinking problem on the BVU campus begins. However, the college should not try to legislate drinking. Instead, by treating us as adults, BVU can encourage us all to be responsible for what we do, and if we succeed or not. One method that students can utilize to learn how to responsibly drink here at BVU, are during the party nights, which usually fall on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. This is because the local bars such as Puff’s and Malarky’s have specials on drinking. One such party is "nickel pitchers," which falls on Wednesday nights. If students are of legal age of 21, they are able to purchase as many pitchers of beer for only five cents apiece. I think <-- does the writer need to write this? ( No this does not need to be here.) This is where most of the problems start . Many students drink even before they go to the bar, then when they get to the bar, they consume so much alcohol to get drunk. Most people know a nickel pitcher is a great deal, which is why a huge percent of students go party on Wednesday nights. I do not argue these facts. Each student should know that most students party on Wednesday nights because of the great deals. But if students would realize that even one pitcher is really quite enough to get someone drunk, they might start to see "nickel pitchers" is pretty dangerous. BVU cannot make students see this though. The college needs to let students go ahead and get toes
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Booze and Books analysis - Booze and Books: Use Your Brain...

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